Tips And Ideas For Your Bathroom Remodel You May Not Have Thought Of

There are a lot of ideas that run through our heads when we take on any project to improve our homes.  When it comes to the bathroom, there are usually very few options that we consider simply because of the size of the room.  However, bathroom remodeling in kansas city, mo can be a great opportunity to think outside the box and create something that is really awesome.

Relocate the shower

One thing that you will want to consider is relocating or moving the shower in a different direction.  If you have the room and you have the plumbing infrastructure in place, then you may want to consider putting your tub / shower along another wall or in a different orientation in the room.

Different patterns and materials for your floor

The floor is going to be a primary element to your room.  Most people will use a simple floor covering or a covering that will stay clean.  However, if you take some time and really think outside the box and look at different patterns, colors and even textures for your floor, you can create something that will make the rest of the room pop.

The vanity

bathroom remodeling in kansas city, mo

The vanity can change the entire look and feel of the room.  If you go with a prefab store-bought vanity or if you go with a custom-made vanity that fits your specific needs, can change the entire room from what it could have been to what it is now.  You will also want to look at who will use the vanity, what will be stored and even how much space you need for your personals.


To finish off your room think of the tile.  The tile can really make your room pop and even give you an opportunity to be creative.  Instead of using square tiles consider breaking up the tiles into random pieces and attaching them to the wall.  Come up with fun and unique patters that play optical illusions on you and your guests.

These are just a few decisions that you can make to create some awesome experiences in your bathroom as well as other rooms of your house.  Once you complete one style in a room you like, repeating it or breaking the rules throughout the rest of the house can be a really fun adventure.

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