Distinguishing Between Partial & Full Dentures, As Well As Permanent Dental Implants

For future reference, here are a few short introductory notes in regard to full or permanent dentures. Notes on partial dentures in Fairview Heights will also be shared with you. And finally, there ought to be a note or two on dental implants which so far as you may have gathered will be a permanent fixture. It will also be a more attractive investment for those who qualify. All this so that you may be able to tell the difference long before a critical visit to the dentist becomes due.

In the case of full dentures, what we are talking about here are dentures that cover the entire area of the mouth, both upper and lower jaws, designed to replace an entire set of teeth. Those who are required to wear full dentures are usually of an advanced age and those who have have had to endure poor health, illness or disease. These dentures also designed for those who have had to put up with the rapid decline of their teeth and gums’ health as a consequence of not taking proper care.

Permanent dentures refer to those dentures that have to be worn permanently, without exception. Of course, about the only time these will be removed will be to wash, brush and care and maintain them.

In the case of partial dentures, there are two sides to the story. Partial dentures may be used on a temporary basis whilst a more permanent set of dentures are being made up for use for the longer term. And partial dentures may merely refer to that which replaces just one or two missing teeth.

partial dentures in Fairview Heights

Dental implants, of course, remain completely different from all forms of dentures. But are made to resemble real teeth almost exactly.

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