Get a Hip Replacement

As you get older, you may notice that your hip is starting to cause you a lot more problems. Perhaps you had an injury when you used to play sports at a younger age, and now you are experiencing a lot more pain. The problem is that as long as you let this problem linger, you are going to experience even more pain and frustration. You will have a hard time walking around the house without experiencing pain, let alone running or doing anything of the sort. That is why a total hip replacement may be the way for you to go.

While it is scary to think that you are going to get an entirely new hip, you have to be realistic about your situation. If you have already gone through a lot of therapy, you may be thinking that you are at a dead end. You are still in pain, no matter what you try, and you cannot keep taking painkillers on a daily basis to feel normal. What you must do is ensure that you are taking care of your body for the long term, and that may mean that you have to get a hip replacement.

total hip

What you have to ensure during this process is that you take your rehab very seriously. A lot of people go through the trouble of getting an entirely new hip, and then neglect to take the physical therapy seriously. If you make such a mistake, you are going to regret it significantly. You will end up back in the same position, where you have a painful hip and you are unable to walk properly. That is not what anyone wants, which is why you must think about whether or not you are ready to go through all that physical therapy to get yourself back to a good physical condition.

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