breast ultrasound in Paterson

Simple Tips to Ease Fear From a Breast Ultrasound

If a mammogram reveals a mass on your breast, the doctor may then order an ultrasound of the area. The ultrasound determines exactly what the mass is so the next best steps can be taken in the event that it is a cancerous mass.  Going into an appointment for a breast ultrasound in Paterson is nerve-wracking and scary without question.

A few tips to ease some of the worry, fear and anxiety that the ultrasound brings to you:

breast ultrasound in Paterson

·    Talk to your doctor. He can answer all of your questions and give more information about things that matter most to you. Do not be afraid to talk to the doctor and reach out to him when necessary. That is what he is around for after all.

·    Get plenty of sleep the night before the ultrasound. This is easier said than done but is important. You will wake up restful and with fewer worries when you have slept well the night before.

·    Arrive early so you have time to familiarize yourself with the office and the staff. This is one of the best ways to ease anxiety and worry before any procedure.

·    Bring supportive loved ones to the appointment with you, such as a spouse or brother or sister. It is easier to get through medical procedures when someone you care for is there to get you through the process.

Going in for a breast ultrasound can save your life but it is also a very scary experience. Do not allow that fear to stop you from scheduling the appointment. The tips above are some that can help ease the fear and worry that comes along with this important appointment. Use these tips to overcome this procedure with less anxiety.